Sally Gould  2014

6 - 8 year olds

Stories for 8 year olds

My story, Fitness Fanatics, is one of the stories in this collection and will be available on 1 December, 2014. Zack is the fastest runner in his grade until a new boy joins his class. Zack isn't happy when he discovers that Ben is faster than he is. This is a story about rivalry and friendship. There are other stories from Australian authors, including stories about a mysterious water horse, dogs with big plans, a fortune-telling dragon, poetry and elephants, a mouse rescuer extraordinaire, sheep on the football field, a bull ant emergency, a royal wedding for Nanny Piggins and a soup eating hero.

Age 8

Published by Random House Australia, 2014

RACE YOU and other stories for young readers

Join the heroes of these stories in their rivalries and friendships.

In Race You, Travis and his brother race each other everywhere. That changes when Travis breaks his leg, but then he discovers there is a bright side to having crutches.

In The Pretender, Sam loves to pretend. Sometimes he pretends to be a knight. Sometimes he pretends to be a samurai. And sometimes he pretends to be a ninja. His older sister thinks he's too old for pretending. But then the school play begins.

In Fitness Fanatics, Zack is the fastest runner in his grade until Ben joins his class. Zack realizes that Ben might beat him in the cross-country. Ben wants to be friends, while Zack wants to win. What will Zack do?

Age 6 - 8

Published by Orbis Media, 2014