Sally Gould  2014

Picture Books

Charlotte and Me

This story is about a special friendship between Jack and Charlotte. Charlotte is from Paris and she goes to Jack’s kinder. They do everything together, but one day that changes.

Age: 3 - 4

Illustrated by Elise Hurst

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Download: Charlotte cut out puppet

Download: Jacques cut out puppet

Chase through Venice

Marco helps his father show tourists the sights of Venice from their gondola. When a tourist accidentally leaves his camera, Marco frantically searches for him.

Age 4 +

Illustrated by Laura Peterson

Published by Windy Hollow Books, 2011

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The Brave Knight

Determined to protect his castle and its occupants, a little boy stands guard against enemy knights.

Age 3 - 6

Illustrated by Celeste Hulme

Published by New Frontier, 2018