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7 reasons why Ghosts hang around

Ghosts or earthbound spirits hang around for different reasons.

1. Some spirits remain earthbound because they're attached to their home, a place, jewelry and even a car. In the case of a car it is often a vintage or a sports car.

2. Some spirits are extremely controlling and they want things a certain way, such as the interior decoration of the home they lived in.

3. Some spirits have a fear of judgment or punishment for their actions while they were alive.

4. Some spirits feel they have a mission to fulfill, such as a murder victim who wants to see the murderer brought to justice or a victim who wants revenge.

5. Some spirits stay to protect the living, such as parents watching over their children or people watching over their loved ones.

6. Some spirits love the attention. They go to their own funeral and then they remain too long, get trapped and become earthbound.

7. Some spirits are purely busybodies who stay to snoop on anyone and anything. They can go anywhere, hear anything and see anything. For them, the life of an earthbound spirit holds great appeal.

I wrote Dead Scary: The Ghost who refused to leave, after I became convinced that my son could see and sense ghosts. I read many books on the subject, but for me, one stood out – Mary Ann Winkowski's “When Ghosts Speak”. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to learn about earthbound spirits. The 7 reasons above are taken from that book. Of course, in Dead Scary, I have created an imaginary world of earthbound spirits, but many aspects of the story are based on research.