Indigo Insights

1. Glue the bottom of eggs to the egg carton.

2. Put salt in breakfast cereal.

3. When your brother is asleep, paint his fingernails.

4. Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish.

5. Change the contact names in your victim’s cell phone to the names of superheroes and famous people.

6. Change the numbers in your victim’s cell to the number of a relative whom they don’t like.

7. Put foreign language songs into their playlist.

8. Hide alarm clocks in your victim’s bedroom and set them for 2.00am.

9. Take a For Sale sign and put it out the front of your victim’s home.

In Max’s Revenge, Max plays a number of pranks on his evil aunt. But Max’s love of playing pranks began with those he played on his brother, Charlie.

It all began one day when Charlie was the favorite son because he’d made breakfast for mom on mothers’ day. He made scrambled eggs and mom thought it was the best breakfast ever, so he decided to make scrambled eggs all the time. Mum and Dad thought he was so clever, so Max put glue under all the eggs and watched as he broke egg after egg trying to get them out of the carton. When he’d worked out what Max had done, Charlie put salt in the cornflakes that Max ate every morning. Max spat them out.

So when Charlie was asleep and he had school the next day, Max painted the fingernails of his left hand with red nail polish. (Max would’ve done the other hand but it was shoved under the pillow.) After that Max slept with his hands in gloves, but Charlie still got revenge. When Max was having a shower after footy and was covered in mud, Max couldn’t get the soap to work - Charlie had painted the soap with clear nail polish.

9 Fun ways to get Revenge

Max was so mad, he stole Charlie’s cell phone and changed all of his contact names to the names of Superheroes and famous people. Charlie was furious, but he didn’t say anything. For ages Max kept his cell phone with him all the time, but then one day he called Dad and it was Aunt Evil. Charlie had changed all the numbers to Aunt Evil’s number.

Max didn’t get mad . . . instead he put a bunch of Chinese songs into his playlist. Charlie thought that was Max’s revenge, but that night Max got three alarm clocks and hid them in his room and set one to 2.00am, one to 3am and one to 4am.

Then Charlie was real mad. He was so mad he called a truce. Max agreed. He was tired of coming up with new ways to get revenge.

Max and Charlie celebrated by playing a prank. They took a For Sale sign from a house and stuck it out the front of Aunt Evil’s house. She got real mad with the real estate agency before she realized it was Max and Charlie . . . then she went crazy.

Here are Max and Charlie's ideas of fun revenge: