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7 reasons why Ghosts hang around

Ghosts or earthbound spirits hang around for different reasons.

1. Some spirits remain earthbound because they're attached to their home, a place, jewelry and even a car. In the case of a car it is often a vintage or a sports car.

2. Some spirits are extremely controlling and they want things a certain way, such as    

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7 facts about Uluru

Revered rock, you gaze upon us

Hard set wisdom in the veins

Of colour coursing down your face

Softened by the summer rains

from 'Ode to Uluru' by Michelle Williams

1. Uluru is higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris and higher than the Chrysler Building in New York.

2. When lightning strikes Uluru,

9 Fun ways to get Revenge

In Max’s Revenge, Max plays a number of pranks on his evil aunt. But Max’s love of playing pranks began with those he played on his brother, Charlie.


It all began one day when

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